Do you know your why?

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There's a cartoon called Fergus the Horse, by Jean Abernethy. Maybe you are not a 'horse person' (I am), but still I'd recommend you take a look at it, it's absolutely amazing!

A while back they published a sketch showing the horse with a kid, with the message that some of us do not really function in the world of words.


Well, yeah - that's totally me. I definitely don't function well in the world of words! 
I was the child picking fights on the playground because there was no way I could ever win an argument with words - and my mama had to come talk to the principal and drag me out of trouble, lol! Yep, welcome to my world...

Some of us do not function in the world of words.


Children always ask difficult questions. Someone once asked me why I am a photographer. Had to think about it for a second. Did I mention I'm not good with words? ;)

I picked up a camera when I was sixteen, it's just the way it is and it's always been. Me, I'm the one with a camera - and I've never thought of looking for a why.
And then it dawned on me, right then and there.
I'm not that good with words - but with a camera, well, I can say something.

A photograph is my way to say - I see you.
I see you. You are not invisible to me.

And it's not just for the high moments and the victories and records and celebrations. I'm here for the hard times too, and the hurting and the struggle.  This camera is here to make you see strength and beauty and performance on the days when you feel weak and have doubts.
And I'm here to stay even when others turn their back and walk away. And I'm here to be of service to you. And I got your back no matter what.

I'm here, here to stay, here to say - don't give up, keep going, stay strong.
I'm here for you.
I see you.
You are not invisible to me. 

Because it's not about making the front cover or the ad billboard - it's about loyalty, it's about gratitude, it's about support.
And this camera is here for you to know all this. 
Because some of us do not function in the world of words.

And that is my why.

with gratitude,













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