That moment when we decide to not retouch

June 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As most of you reading our blog know, we are commercial photographers. In the advertising world, it is quite common to overlay skin with texture and remove any imperfection, especially in beauty images.

We get so used to the texture, that sometime when we look at real skin on a photograph it looks a little bit weird to us. And we get used to retouching everything - people, objects, buildings... eliminating power lines, electrical outlets, trash cans, imperfections on containers and bottles, wrinkles on clothing, signs of wear...

And there's the day when we decide not to retouch. The day when we decide to leave the image alone - with the dirt and sweat and tears and snot and everything that happened in real life. Just because. Just to keep it real. Just to bring some of that 'real life' in the photo, and make the viewer feel as they were there, and experience all the effort and the emotion and the truth.

Today is that day.

With gratitude,







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