Because there's poetry in sports.

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About once or twice a year I get someone who asks me why I shoot sports sometime - given that I am a commercial photographer by training. It is indeed a reasonable question, especially considering that I have always limited sports photography to a fraction of my work. A few car races a year, a few games a year, a few horse shows...

Truth be told, this year I ended up spending more time on the soccer field, but other than that - it's always those 'few events a year'. And everyone knows that sports pay much less than commercial shoots - hence the question.





Because there's hidden poetry in sports.

And it's not about the fans, the politics, and who wins, or loses, or scores.

It's about the moment, and what's behind that moment, and being there when things happen. Because you lose a fraction of the second and it's too late. And it's gone. And it's lost. Forever.
There's hidden poetry in sports. And it's our job to be there, and capture that moment, and hold on to it - so that it may live forever.
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