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Our pre-Thanksgiving post should be about something we are grateful for... and what is worthy of more gratitude than being able to love what you do? I definitely am in love with work, and feel extremely grateful, each and every day.


For those who do not know, I actually grew up in Italy. Fashionable, I know, and just a little bit exotic. On a good day, I can still speak some very reasonable Italian - and even find my way around the kitchen for a few traditional recipes.

When you think Italy, you either find yourself craving food and wine - or envisioning luxury products, ranging from fashion and furniture design, to accessories, jewelry, and exotic cars.

Exotic cars have a special place in my heart - I love cars in general, and have a special 'weakness' for Aston martin, and for the Italian makers Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

A photoshoot involving a nice car always adds a bit of extra pleasure to a regular work day - and when the nice car is a Maserati, it gets logged as a pretty good day in my book. Here we are 'sharing' our pleasure with our blog readers, by showing a small sneak peek of the images we created.

Enjoy, and show Maserati some love by going out and buying your own!











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